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wpe research & development


WPE Research & Development

We are a group of Italian entrepreneurs with a multidisciplinary technical expertise.

Our innovative startup has recently launched a Vertical Axis Wind Microturbine with a Savonius – Darrieus hybrid system.


A 30% performance improvement over state of the art technology has been recorded in our private wind tunnel laboratory.

We have ongoing collaborations with the most influential academic and industrial actors in the wind energy sector.

A small wind turbine with higher capturability (+30%)


Mechanical components optimization


High electrical efficiency


Intelligent power system control


Research & Development

Padova, Italy

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the product

An innovative system for a higher capturability


  • Designed to increase capturability, ensure low vibrations and noise levels
  • New generation mechanics with low friction system
  • Algorithm using P&O method (Perturb & Observe) to maximize power production under variable wind conditions
  • High resistance materials with low specific weight
  • Remote control and IoT integration
  • Scalable and modular system
  • Easy transport and installation on buildings
  • Integration in the urban landscape



More power efficiency

Instantaneous efficiency per swept area is superior to competitors in all wind speed conditions

The outcome of innovation

Our turbines are produced entirely from recyclable materials, such as aluminium, corrosion-resistant alloy and stainless steel.

The blade profiles are made of recycled PET reinforced with fiberglass or laminated wood composite.


More capturability

Higher capacity to capture wind kinetic content

Wind, Energy, Efficiency,

You name it we will capture it.

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Head Office

Padova, Italy



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