Wind energy will contribute to the improvement of environmental conditions in the upcoming decades. Thanks to its major technological advances, it is destined to become competitive with conventional energy sources.

For this reason it is necessary to reduce the levelized cost of wind energy and to make it independent from the subsidies.

The innovation and industrialization of our product are the main engines to reach this goal by relying on our strategy on the alliance of long-term experiences deriving from the academic, industrial and scientific worlds.

The approach towards model standardization is crucial to make the process for production and transport more efficient.

From design to after-sales service, we work closely with you to achieve optimum performance for these plug & play systems.


People’s safety is the core of our attention: an innovative design and an extensive study of the building materials allow a structural solidity which guarantees the safety in urban contexts as well.

The aerodynamics are developed to achieve both the maximum efficiency and the smooth integration in the city environment, by making our turbine noiseless, without vibratory stress and with an appealing design.

WPE R&D cares for future generations and for this reason uses sustainable materials, thereby making EOS Turbowind eco-friendly.


The power conversion is implemented by the innovative system HIPower®, developed in collaboration with ABB. This system features the full conversion of the power generated, optimally decoupling the dynamic of the generator from the electric grid to which it is connected.

As a result, the wind microturbines by WPE can be set up to satisfy the grid configurations of the main markets and can be easily connected to the grid.

The Darrieus rotor uses blades manufactured with PET reinforced with carbon fiber in multiple sectors, easily removable for a user-friendly maintenance. The SecurityBlade® technology ensures safety in case of accidental breakage of the blade.

EOS-TURBOWIND can complement other renewable energy systems, for instance solar panels.