We strive to create real energy independence: decentralized, decarbonized, digitized electricity through small scale wind power stations combining sustainability with cost saving. The wind turbine EOS Turbowind re-defines the standards of the micro wind industry for production capacity, design and adaptability.

Based on WPE R&D proprietary technology, it has an innovative design which guarantees a reduced number of mechanical components with a very light weight. This combination of solidity and reduced heaviness, together with the materials used, significantly streamlines our product, its installation and maintenance, thereby increasing its lifecycle.

Thanks to an intelligent control system, the EOS Turbowind is autonomous in the management of its performance. It can handle its operating load by maintaining its design criteria independently of the working conditions.


Through an advanced diagnostic system it supplies real-time data on performance and service requirements, predicting possible anomalies. This information is available via a clear and user-friendly interface applicable to any device.

EOS Turbowind is based on an innovative technology which differentiates from the forerunners, featuring a system with a double rotor on independent axes capable of integrating the Savonius and Darrieus technologies and of overcoming the inefficiencies peculiar of the products with a fixed combination and thus exploiting the advantages of each technology.

An innovative electromechanical coupling/decoupling system of the two rotors, operated by an intelligent proprietary system, allows an optimal control of the production in uneven contexts of windiness, such as those in urban and suburban environments.

Thanks to the innovative technology WPE-Adaptive-Control®, the optimal curve for electric production is exploited with every wind condition.