Our product is not about nominal power, but about power captured within a period of time (concept of capturability). Taking advantage of the double technologies Darrieus/Savonius coupled dynamically and of the generation system torque-controlled, EOS Turbowind is capable of increasing the operation range from 4 m/s to 12 m/s optimizing it. The two components are improved and, by exploiting their peculiar properties, they can work efficiently throughout the entire distribution curve of the wind speeds.



The configuration is designed to capture kinetic content under the most frequent wind conditions

Scientific literature demonstrates that the use of the combined technology in a standard way results in a deterioration of the power coefficients, with a reduction of the turbine performance by 40%. 

Our solution with independent coaxial axes does not have this problem. EOS Turbowind optimizes the power coefficients of the single blades reaching the maximum physically achievable in accordance with the physical laws. This results in an increase in the mechanical power produced.

The blade management through a mechanical coupling component controlled by an intelligent and adaptive system leads to


intelligent start of the turbines


discharge of the excess power


reduction of the passive mechanisms to the advantage of the overall performance

Scientific documentation points out that the use of solar inverters adjusted for the wind plants (mono or multi-string) has a very low performance in conditions of turbulence (below 70 meters in height) owing to the inefficiency of the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms. A new technology has been developed which, thanks to the use of specific drives for the electric transformation, allows an active control of the blade speeds to guarantee the maximum efficiency in the transformation. These drives are operated by proprietary software ensuring the control of the power curves with a 100-fold improvement in the response time as compared to standard inverters.



Power produced by the generators in full compliance with safety

Throughout the entire transformation chain all the solutions adopted guarantee a performance of 98% of the power produced by the generators in full compliance with safety.

The team objective has been the building of a device with a high performance in all its parts and capable of reaching grid parity, with a Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) lower than other sources of renewable energy (for instance,  photovoltaic, green hydrogen).