Human beings are the species that is making this planet inhospitable, but they are also the only ones who, thanks to their surprisingly boundless abilities, can reverse the trend. We at WPE focus on this second aspect: the human genius, made of intelligence and creativity, charging it, however, also with the responsibility we have towards future generations, towards other species, towards the ecosystem that hosts us.

Our company goes straight to the heart of the matter: sustainable energy supply. Sustainable means, of course, from renewable sources, but not only. Even what goes into producing the energy must be sustainable, in the choice of the materials, in the investment needed to build and purchase it, in its distribution, in its scalability.

With this in mind, we designed EOS Turbowind, a microturbine that we consider the first real chance for small wind to be taken seriously within ecological transition. EOS Turbowind, in fact, provides performance, independence, cost reduction. For a decentralized, decarbonized and digitized electricity.